Meet Christy, Certified Career and Life Coach for Leading-Edge Working Moms

Before starting my business in 2015, I spent 14 years in human capital, leadership development, communication, and consulting, and earned an MBA in organizational development and sustainability.  I worked on the people-side of business and learned what it took mentally and energetically for high performers to succeed in fast-paced environments. 

During this time I was high performing, highly achieving, and highly burned out (big time) the majority, if not all, of my career.

I felt extreme overwhelm throughout the promotions, the education, the conversations, the hard work.  Through it all.

So after hemming and hawing for a couple of years, and realizing nothing was going magically change for me, I finally decided to make some big changes to my career.  At that time I had been a certified professional coach for two years, so I decided it was officially time to start my coaching business.  And I was thrilled.  I mean, this was it!  This change, a career I loved, was the answer to all my stress and overwhelm!

Christy Venza, Certified Career and Mindset Coach

And so I dove in and picked up right where I left off; over working, over thinking, and over stressed.

I was back in the cycle of burnout, even though this time around I loved what I was doing.

Eleven months into my business, I was running on my last reserves and I found myself riddled with doubt and overwhelm.  And it was here in this place where I finally became available to hear the message: it’s not about doing different things, but about doing things differently. Thank you Course in Miracles.  It was time for a new perspective, a shift in my mindset, and a new way of living life. I had a lot to learn.  After all, I had spent my entire career striving for more, accomplishing, achieving, and pushing myself hard. My expectations were high and my self-worth and standards were low.   And I was no longer available for this way of living. 

Redefining Success

For the past five years I have been on a journey of simplifying, letting go, and being. And I have created a more inspired, feminine way of life where I can flow in the moment and make more meaningful and confident decisions. 

And today I am more present, in the moment, than I ever have been. I trust my decisions, I am live true to my values, and I’m having more fun than I ever have both with my family and in my career. Of course I still have stress, I still get tired and grumpy, I still doubt some of my actions, and the list just may go on! But, I have learned how to shift into a higher state of energy, to rise above the doubt, and to learn new perspectives. And I have learned that I have the choice to deal with the situation at hand in the best way possible. 

This journey is about choice: Choosing to access the power and fulfillment that is already here for you, and choosing to lay the foundation for a powerful and fulfilling way of life going forward. 

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Christy Venza
Christy Venza
Christy Venza
Christy Venza
Christy Venza
Christy Venza