It’s time to take back your time!

It's time to take back your time.

We send messages with every word we say and action we take.  The way you say hello, shake someone’s hand and even wave goodbye lets others form opinions about you.  The same goes for how you treat time. Whether you arrive early, on time or late says a lot about who you are and how you approach life.

So in the last blog post, we talked about Step 1: Assessing Your “Logistical Container as a way to have more control over your time.  Sometimes an easy tweak to your schedule is all you need. However, sometimes you need to poke a bit deeper.  If you have the structure set up, but you are still feeling rushed, listen to your Inner Leader.

You Inner Leader is that voice within who knows you all too well. She knows your strengths, standards, and your vision. She’s listening, absorbing and taking notes on the real you every step of the way. And when we are not tapped into her we can easily end up over thinking about what could have been and what should be.  And what you think becomes your reality.

When we are aware of our inner leader, and we listen to her, our thoughts are more aligned with our goals and our vision. We set boundaries that keep us on track. And we are more intentional with the way we interact with others. We stay out of the overwhelm and the drama that causes us to be late and feel rushed.

So how to do you tap into your Inner Leader so you send the right messages with more ease?

Connect to vision. 

 Your vision is your compass to step up as a leader and influence, as well as to be led and influenced, without veering off track. It is your destination for success.

And when you have a clear understanding of the success you desire in your life – both personally and professionally – you will more easily understand what it will take to get there. Not having control of your time is not an option when unapologetically moving toward your vision.

You may not have control over others’ opinions, but you do have the power to spend your time productively by living life aligned with your vision.  When you are in alignment, the messages you send will be too. Your inner leader will guide you if you let her.

To Your Success,

Christy Venza


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