Be a leader at work! 3 steps for creating the time to step up.

Are you ready to position yourself for leadership in your organization and industry? What about taking your leadership to the next level to be part of something bigger and have more impact?

If yes, then go for it!  We want to see you thrive and reach your highest potential in your career. We want to see you lead. The world needs intelligent and brilliant women, like you, to have a voice at the leadership table and create positive change within and outside your organizations.

But I get it. You catch a glimpse of your success, but at times it seems impossible to get there. You have children to care for, you are barely keeping up with your current responsibilities, and you don’t want to sacrifice more of your time only to be more overwhelmed and stressed out. I get it, believe me!

So this post is for those of you who are 100 percent committed to your success as a leader, and on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the most committed, you are a 10 to playing it bigger in your career and life and making a substantial difference in your organization and beyond.

If this is you, take radical responsibility for defining what success looks like to you, and then finding the time to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Here are three steps to help you create the time for your leadership (and life) success:

Eliminate the Non-Essentials

Think like a leader and lean into lean practices. Become unapologetic about letting go of the things that are not aligned with your strengths, interests, and vision. There is no time for people pleasing and making assumptions about your leadership journey. Evaluate what you have going on in your day and ask yourself whether it’s needed.

What processes, beliefs, and things in your career and your life are no longer serving you?


Delegate the Non-Serving

For those chores and projects that are no longer serving you and cannot be eliminated, delegate. Successful leaders do less better. They “make work work for them”, a saying I love from Martha Higgins, a mentor and former boss of mine. You do not have to sacrifice time with your family, time to yourself, or time in general to be a leader.  Step into your executive mindset and delegate so you can spend your time in alignment with your strengths, interests, and desires.

Here are a few ideas to get you moving:

  • Do you have members of your team and staff who would thrive working on a project that you dread?  Think about what projects would turn out better if you were able to pass the torch.  When you transfer responsibilities from a place of value and win-wins, you will get positive results and more time.
  • Is it time to add a staff member who can take on a piece of the workload?
  • How about a personal assistant who can help you at home?
  • How much time do you spend cleaning your house each day? One, two, maybe even three hours by the time you head to bed?  Hire a cleaner to clean and organize your home. If this seems overwhelming then start with one or two cleanings a month, and use your time to be present with your children, to take care of yourself, and to focus on advancing your career.
  • Are you trying to make dinner, pack lunches, and “be” with your children, (while trying not to think about work) in the evening?  Order a prepared meal service a few nights a week to free up your time.
  • Is it time to have a conversation with your partner or spouse to set your boundaries for your workload at home?

How can you delegate more to make work and life work for you?

Automate the Possibilities

Now, take a look at what you have remaining and consider what you can automate. Consistency is key to success.  Automating comes down to time batching and time blocking.  What tasks can you group together to get them done more efficiently and with more ease?  How can you block your time this week so that you can make your schedule as consistent as possible? When you are scattered and sporadic in your working habits you use all your energy on the little things. When you automate you will have the energy and the creativity to step up and in when it matters.

What tasks can you automate so you can keep your energy high and focused?

Tap into your executive mindset and begin to think like a leader by eliminating, delegating and automating, and “making work work for you.” This is your opportunity to not only master your time but to create the space for your new normal as a leader.

To your success,
Christy Venza


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