The Momentum Intensive is the half-day virtual VIP session designed for trailblazing businesswomen ready to get clear on their vision and take aligned action into more prosperity, meaning, presence, and impact.  

During this three-hour program you could walk away with:

  • An understanding of what’s working and what isn’t in your current situation
  • The strategies to let go and trust your current decisions
  • The courage to start moving toward your ultimate vision
  • A shift in alignment and mindset to match your priorities
  • The awareness to stay above the overwhelm and in inspiration and alignment
  • The confidence to create the right conversations, boundaries, and relationships
  • A connection to your purpose, desire, and vision
  • The plan to accomplish your goals. 

During our time together, we will focus on identifying and transforming your top priority right now in your career and life so you can start building real momentum toward your ultimate vision! 

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TrailblazeHer is our exclusive 6-month one-on-one program created to help leading-edge executive women create the momentum for conscious leadership, prosperity, and alignment.

It’s here, through this Program, where you will have the opportunity to access your greatest potential as the thriving leader, mother, and woman you are.  And we do this work so you can lead the trailblazing career of your dreams and live the fun-loving life you desire.

Specifically, when you enroll in the TriailblazeHer program you’ll have access to:  

  • Customized coaching from a certified transformational career coach
  • Balance of strategic- and intuition-based resources
  • Personal vision plan for prosperity and success
  • Streamlined calendar and schedule
  • Conscious boundary setting
  • High-Level techniques for overcoming overwhelm
  • Healthy career and life relationships
  • Confident communications and conversations.
  • Decision-making in alignment with your vision, priorities, and goals.
  • And of course the clarity, confidence, connection, and lightness to live out the career and life of your dreams. 

In addition to your customized journey, when you enroll in TrailblazeHer you’ll also have access to our 5-point process for building the momentum to thrive. This process is the key to creating the success and happiness you truly want and deserve in your life. 

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