Set yourself up for success.

This post is about you, your desires, and action.

It’s about setting yourself up to create and receive the success that you want in your career and in your life. And I’m writing this because we often think that success is to come, so we put ourselves in the waiting game along with the majority of others. We wait for promotions to happen to us, we wait to have the right conversations, we wait until we have enough money, we wait until we have the confidence, we wait until our children are grown, we wait until we finish the project, we wait until we become the expert, we wait until we’re perfect, we wait until we have the time.

And while we’re waiting we become tired, stressed, and overwhelmed. And while we blame our unhappiness on the busyness of the day and on others, we know deep within that we feel this way because we are not stepping up and creating the success we desire in our life, now. We are stressed because we are living a misaligned life and we’re not doing everything we can to make it aligned.

I have been called an idealist. And although at the time it wasn’t intended to be a compliment, I took it as one, because it’s true. I’m a realist too, but sometimes I tend to be guided more so by the ideals than the practical, by choice. And I believe that you do not always have to wait for your success. You do not always have to follow tradition and protocol. You do not have to try to interpret and follow the unwritten rules. As long as you are committed, fierce, and genuinely kind in your approach to life, you do not have to wait.

So this post is about you, your desires, and action, because this, with a dose of faith, is all you need to set yourself up for success.  Let’s take a look at each:

  1. YOU: To begin creating success in your life now first recognize that YOU are responsible for living and leading from your unique presence.  What makes you you?  What makes you tick? What gives you energy?  You create the space for you and then you fill it up. No more hiding behind working hard, no more staying small, no more pleasing others, and no more worshipping the fears. Be brave, remove the mask that has been guiding you into perceived safety, and become available for vulnerability and freedom.
  2. DESIRES:  After you drop the facade and create the space for you and your unique presence, your desires will become clear. And you now have the opportunity to unapologetically make them your top priority. Drop the guilt, smash the old beliefs that drive them away, and honor your desires for what they really are – your Truth. Accept them as part of you, because they are, and use any fears that surface as a catalyst for change.  Your desires are the foundation of your success, and without them, your success will continue to be in process and feel unsteady, and even nonexistent.
  3. ACTION: Take action to align your decisions, strategy, and energy with your desires. Become fiercely committed to using language that serves you. Say yes to aligned opportunities and no to the misaligned. Make powerful decisions at the moment that move you forward. Set boundaries that will support you on your journey. Stay committed to embracing the people, thoughts, and actions that will help you succeed.

Your success comes down to you, your desires, and your action. Take radical responsibility for your success, and then let go, and enjoy your journey.


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